Cloud&Fog Detection and Prediction system

Cloud&Fog Detection and Prediction system

Cloud&Fog Detection and Prediction system is designed to meet the need to detect and predict the weather conditions with poor visibility (mainly caused by low-altitude cloud or fog) which can influence safety and efficiency of air and sea traffic. The whole system is established by proper combination of millimeter wave cloud radar, boundary layer wind profile radar, microwave radiometer, etc. Cloud&Fog Detection and Prediction system is consist of radar detecting system, multi-source data fusion system, cloud&fog predict system and supporting system. To detect and predict the developing and decaying processes of fog, the system has adopted some key techniques such as fog detecting by millimeter wave radar, multi-source data fusion and cloud&fog prediction. The system can provide meteorological support for air ports and sea ports.


Obtain space distribution information of low-altitude cloud or fog, provide visibility data with high temporal spatial resolution. Real-time monitoring and early warning for poor visibility weather conditions by aggregate analysis of air temperature, air humidity, wind speed and radar echo of cloud and fog. Intelligent system design, all weather unattended operation auto-run.


Targets for detection
Cloud, fog, temperature, humidity, atmospheric turbulence
Data products
Visibility data, predict develop and decay of fog
Range of visibility
Resolution of visibility
Alert time for fog develop and decay prediction