Homeland Security

Low-Light Night Vision Device

The low-light night vision device is composed of a multispectral low-light imager, a low-light colored CCD and processing/protective circuits, etc. Its multispectral low-light lens, designed to match the low-light color camera, can absorb more low-level lights to participate in the imaging process.

2 million HD images

The low-light camera can show the color of 2 million HD images through the low light source in the field. Normal colored images can be clearly obtained under daylight.


5 million equivalent ISO
2 million pixels, full HD
Frame rate
25 fps, no trailing in the dynamic picture
1×10-8Lux@F 1.0, 40ms
Broad spectrum
Ultraviolet 375nm----infrared 1050nm
Focal length
100mm (custom made)
Broad spectrum optical lens
Special optical crystal material, broad spectrum common focus