Automatic Weather Station

Automatic Weather Station

AWS, with a structure of main collector + external bus + sensor + peripherals, could meet the requirements of full elements automatically monitoring. with the help of mature, stable and advanced techniques for electronic measuring, data transmission and control system, AWS has advantages of high precision, high stability, easy maintenance, low power consumption and easy to expand.

Typical configuration

1. Six elements AWS Air temperature, relative humidity, atmosphere pressure, wind speed, wind direction, rainfall. 2. Seven elements AWS The above six elements and ground temperature (including grass temperature, ground surface temperature, shallow layer soil temperature and deep layer soil temperature); Remark: More weather elements could be extended, such as evaporation, visibility, weighing precipitation, radiation, snow depth, cloud height and cloud cover.


Atmosphere Pressure measuring Range
Temperature Measuring Range
Relative Humidity Measuring Range
Wind Direction Measuring Range
Wind Speed Measuring Range
Rainfall Measuring Range
Raininess (0~4)mm/min
Ground Temperature Measuring Range
Atmosphere Pressure Definition
Temperature Definition
Relative Humidity Definition
Wind Direction Definition
Wind Speed Definition
Rainfall Definition
Ground Temperature Definition
Atmosphere Pressure Maximum Permissible Error
Temperature Maximum Permissible Error
Relative Humidity Maximum Permissible Error
Wind Direction Maximum Permissible Error
Wind Speed Maximum Permissible Error
Rainfall Maximum Permissible Error
Ground Temperature Maximum Permissible Error